Monday, June 06, 2011


I was looking around on the web and ran into this Top Ten list on the Criterion web site by famous people: actors, directors, cartoonist and the like. I'm still exploring it, but one of the first people whose list things that I looked at was Seth. He's a Canadian independent cartoonist who does a comic called Palooka-ville, Clyde Fans, and It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken. He also did the cover art of the film: Make Way For Tomorrow. It's a good film if you haven't seen it.

I also looked at the list by cartoonist, Mike Allred. (I don't appreciate his story telling as much as Seth's as Allred's stories are more fictional/fantasy/farce super-hero based, whereas Seth's cartooning is more centered around real-life tropes (although they are more than likely for the most part fictional). However, so far I've seen more of the Criterion films that Mike Allred has listed like: Charade, A Man Who Fell to Earth, Seven Samurai, Le Samourai,The Red Shoes, Brazil, Time Bandits, and Gimme Shelter. I also plan to explore some of the things off Sonic Youth's list, even though I don't care for their music that much, along with many of the other list.

At any rate, I'm still looking over all the list and adding a few things to my Netflix queue. Down here in East Texas it has gotten hot (what else is new huh?). I used to hate working in the summers when I worked at the railroad. The cabs to the engines weren't air conditioned, they were made of metal, so if it was a hundred degrees outside, it was easily ten to fifteen more degrees in the cab. Talk about miserable. At any rate, I cleaned out the garage a bit yesterday and sprayed for bugs, as it seems each year the sugar ants appear in my kitchen. When I lived in Odessa I had a problem with ants in my bathroom area, which I always thought was weird as there's not any food in that area, and they were a larger species. Oh well, so goes summer.


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