Saturday, June 04, 2011


Comic Con: Part 2, or So Are You Spock or Not?

Well, I was still looking downstairs when my brother called me on the cell phone and told me I better hurry up or I'd miss Nimoy. I finished looking around in some of the cheap-o boxes of comics. Like I said, I found a few cool things: Brubaker's Incognito, which is sort of pulp inspired, some G.I.Joe: Cobra comics by Gage, Costa, & Fuso, which is from a mini-series I'd been curious about that's supposed to be darker than the original run, a comic I picked up on a lark, Doc Frankenstein--actually I erroneously picked this up--I thought I was getting the Franken-Castle comic, which is a horror take on the Punisher comic, but I'll check out this Doc Frankenstein thing, an old Comics Journal, No. 90, which has an Al Williamson interview in it, along with reviews, etc. Plus I found a cheap copy of Chester Brown's Little Man short story strips 1980-1995, and the big kahuna, being a 800 page manga by artist Yoshihiro Tatsumi's A Drifting Life, which is sort of an autobiographical comic, which took him four decades to complete, part memoir, part what it means to be an artist, part family dynamics, and Japanese culture. It's a huge book, but I found it at a good price and was happy to get it.


So I paid for my comics, and made my way upstairs to the third floor where the forums were taking place. I wanted to grab a Coke or something to drink, but there were lines everywhere, so I knew that was a no-go. I made it up to the third floor, but didn't know where to go, and asked one of the volunteers sitting at a table. She knew about as much as I did (zippo), but finally found the area I needed to be in. I found where my brother was sitting and make my way over. The Leonard Nimoy presentation had wrapped up. My brother told me a few of the things he'd discussed like his earlier career playing on Dragnet and SF serial, Zombie of the Sratosphere, and playing the army sergeant on the SF film, Them! He spoke a bit about how his family were immigrants from Russia, and a bit at how he got started with Star Trek. My brother said when he first arrive a lot of the younger crowd were flashing him the Vulcan salutation, cheering: Hey Spock, Spock, look, it's Spock. But Nimoy seemed to take the fame with grace, and commented a bit about his reservations on writing his book, I Am Not Spock, and how he felt compelled to write the follow up autobiography, I Am Spock. I'd seen Nimoy speak previously at, of all places, the newly constructed gym at Odessa College back in the late 80's. He seemed then as he was now, at ease with the public, cordial, and enjoying life.


The next forum that followed was held in the same location and was on making horror comics. The forum was with Steve Niles, who wrote the book, 30 Days of Night from which the movie was made, and Bernie Wrightson, the artist known for his early Swamp Thing collaborations with Len Wein, his work at Warren publishing, and some of the Doc Sternns work that was in the Heavy Metal movie, illustrating some of the Stephen King novels, among other stuff. They were announcing that they were collaborating on some new horror comics together: some vampire stories, and so forth, taking old gothic motifs and writing a few stories with them. They talked for a bit about the new horror movies, how they didn't care for the new romantic vampires like Twilight, etc., and a bit how Hollywood worked, and all the roadblocks that one encounters from written page to screen. But they said, you just have to block out that, do your work, and if someone options your work for a film, well, that's icing on the cake. I was glad I attended the talk as these also get you time to get your second wind. After the forum, I was hungry, thirsty, and we decided to leave. We still had to make it back to the car (a mile or so away), and drive somewhere to eat. All in all though, it wasn't a good as some of the previous Dallas Fantasy Fairs I'd attended in the past, but it was fun. I just hope they don't have them in this location in the future.


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