Sunday, May 01, 2011


Well, President Obama finally came up with his birth certificate, I hope the Birther movement and Donald Trump are satisfied, but I somehow think nothing would satiate that sort of fear mongering wackness. In fact I sometimes wish President Obama had held onto that card a bit longer just to make them look that more idiotic as the campaigns heat up later. I kind of hope Donald Trump runs for president, it would make for interesting entertainment, but I doubt he's really serious about running. Now I guess the opposing party will have to come up with some other fear mongering tactic, spin, or whatever. Maybe they'll have to go back to the old topics of fear: gay military/marriage, abortion, or guns. Who knows?


Flight 109 to Tower, we been circling around for a bit, you got anything on the ground yet? Some of the passengers are getting restless, and I know I'm tired, Tower, you there?


Midweek I mowed my yard and did other yard work. I struggled with the weedeaters. You get more tired from trying to start the dang things, than actually using them for the job they're intended to do. I have three of them. Yeah...three! Two are Sears' brands but I suspect they just put their Craftman's name on it to sell in their stores. The worst one is a Weedeater brand. All three are pretty worthless and choke out, and are hard to start, and once you get them running, stall and choke out. It's amazing what a scam lawn equipment has turned into. I have a Sear's mower that I bought a few seasons back. It worked pretty good for one summer season, a lousy four months, and then quit working. It stalls and sputters like the weekeaters. I don't know what the problem with these are, but I know the consumer is getting the shaft. We should have rallied around this issue and taken all this crap back to the store and demanded our money back. Live and learn, I save my receipts for such things now. Still that's no guarantee they'll honor an exchange or take anything back, but at least it's a start. I'm sure they'll make you jump through a hoop to exchange the items, particularly a pricey mower that cost around $350. these days and higher, but I'd do it. At any rate, I stopped with the yard work when the weekeaters wouldn't start, and also noticed that one of the cars, the Buick, I'd inherited from my parents was due an inspection sticker on April 30th.

So it's Friday near quitting time, April 29th, and I jumped in the shower at 4:30 pm, in my wildest delirium fantasy of getting this little car inspection done in about thirty minutes. Okay, no one ever has mistaken me of being Einstein or even Sherlock Holmes. After the quick shower, I guess it calmed me down and brought me to my senses and I thought, man, I'll do it tomorrow, I'm tired and hungry, I'll just eat instead--tomorrow's another day. Sheesh.


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