Monday, May 09, 2011


Here's a free look at the first issue to American Jesus, the comic book by Mark Millar. It's provided by the people that have the Newsarama site: here. He also wrote Wanted and Kick-Ass, which were turned into movies. I've seen both movies and they were fine depending on your threshold for action, over-the-top fantastical movies. My mood depends a lot on how I respond to some of these films. I'd read the comic series of Kick-Ass, and enjoyed it on some crazy level, but didn't enjoy the film as much (though many did). It's a warped view of young super heroes, who use as much violence as the bad guys. It's crazy, crude, and really pretty offensive in parts, but that's also a part of Millar's writing style in a few of these limited series. They don't tie-in to the Marvel or DC universe, they are just out there.


I enjoyed the movie version of Wanted a little better than Kick-Ass, although it was just as preposterous and over-the-top as many movie in this sort of escapist fiction. I haven't read the comic yet, but from what I can tell they differ quite a bit. The comic is more firmly rooted in tropes of super heroes and bad guys, where the movie takes a different route doing away with the super hero costuming and, let's face it, cliches. Instead Wanted, the movie, decided they'd model it after The Matrix more or less. The protagonist has to go through all sorts of hurdles to avenge his father's death, learning how to bend and curve bullets with his mind, and jump over buildings and such. If you are in a mood for such escapist fare it's ok. At any rate, I'd like to read the comic for comparison, and maybe I'll compare the two later. At any rate, Mark Millar now has a third comic that's optioned for a movie, so I think he's doing something right.


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