Thursday, March 24, 2011


This is a link to a documentary that I found out about recently on progressive rock. It's about an hour long, but if you enjoy that genre you'll enjoy it immensely. It starts out with the early days in the 70's, and has interviews with Bill Bruford from Yes and King Crimson fame, Steve Hackett from Genesis, and others. There are also live performances of all sorts of progressive bands, along with album art, clips, and so forth. It really covers the broad spectrum of prog, and even includes some of the international bands like Goblin, The Flower Kings, Focus, Anglagard, and so forth, although it leaves out fusion. Of course not every band is mentioned, that would be pretty impossible, but if you are a fan of that style of music or the least bit curious, it's a entertaining film.

You can check it out: here.


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