Tuesday, March 01, 2011


One of my favorite comics has been Paul Chadwick's Concrete. It started back in the 80's. Concrete looks like some sort of super hero, but the stories aren't really in that mold. To me they deal more with the world around us: the beauty, the adventure, exploration, the environment, and so forth. I'd been wondering what Paul Chadwick had been up to lately as a Concrete comic has come out in a few years. His comics are irregular, which just means they don't come out monthly like say a regular Batman or Superman book would, they just come out whenever he's ready to publish one. The Human Dilemma was his last five part storyline, and in it (SPOILER)...Concrete had a baby. The odd thing about that is that before he was captured by aliens and had his brain put into this concrete body he was a male. So that storyline was odd, but interesting. So any way I ran across a recent interview with him, and he sort of updates his present situation, his life, and so forth. Give it a listen: here.

He also has a web site with a lot of his art on it, and there's a link on his site to his blog if interested. You can catch that here.



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