Tuesday, March 01, 2011


If you enjoy Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention's brand of music this documentary is a good rental that does shed some new information on the band. It mostly covers their albums from Freak Out up to Uncle Meat. Most of the critics that speak in the film offer some interesting critiques about the albums and band. I preferred the American critiques over the British ones, but they all offered glimpses into this era of the band. I particularly found the comment about how most of the bands back then had long hair and had that anti-establishment look to them, but the Mothers looked unkept and unwashed even by that day's standards. But I think that was a part of their look that Zappa and crew were going for, a part of their PR--we look ugly, scary, warts and all. But at the same time, as Jimmy Carl Black says in his interviews: We were one of the best bands ever!! I'll agree with him. No other band was as avant-garde at the time, was as broad in musical scope, or could play as well. Such is the Mother's fame, history and legacy. There were a lot of other interviews from bandmates and critiques. All in all a good film particularly if you enjoyed the Mothers.


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