Sunday, March 06, 2011


Happy Birthday, Will Eisner!

Will Eisner was best known as the creator of the comic strip character, The Spirit. Born March 6, 1917, had he lived, he would have been 94 today. He began his career in the 1930s and ran what some say is the best entertainment comic book studio in history, and popularized educational comics. Some think of Will Eisner as the father of the graphic novel, while others might think of his visual story telling technique that is known as sequential art. He influenced many other artist and has an award that is given out each year known as the Eisner Awards (sort of like an Academy or Grammy Award) for the best in comics. You can read more about Will Eisner, here.

Eisner was a creator of mood, and his splash panels, where he incorporated the title into his art, were a treasure. The Spirit was a masked detective hero known formerly as Denny Colt. While trying to stop Dr. Cobra from injecting a deadly chemical into the city's water supply, Colt is knocked into the vat of chemicals and presumably dies. Although the chemicals sort of put him in a state of suspended animation. Colt decides along with Police Commissioner Dolan to keep all this a secret, and hence his Spirit moniker is born. His base of operation is an apartment at his grave at Wildwood Cemetery (where he was buried).

Today to help celebrate Eisner's 94th birthday, Google, the search engine has as their masthead a Spirit/Eisner logo.



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