Monday, February 14, 2011


Short post, just a head's up about a podcast with cartoonist, Joe Matt, on a site called Ink Studs. It's a two part interview, but you can get the second part there as well, and there's other interviews as well, so you might want to check it out here.

Here's the second part.

I'm getting my driveway fixed today through the rest of the week. I got up early today and saw where one of the guys is breaking up the concrete with a sledgehammer, sort preparing it. I think they are going to dump some dirt down, and then they'll pour the concrete later. All this began a couple of weeks back when TexDot was changing out a light pole which holds a traffic light. I live across the street from a grade school, and the traffic light slows and directs the traffic flow, otherwise it would just be chaos like one of those crazy video games where you try to run over as many cars, pedestrians, hookers, and animals that you can to score points. So when TexDot pulled up into my driveway with their heavy utility truck, it gave way. My only hope at this point is: can they repair it back to the same way before the accident and what is their guarantee, which I've yet to nail down with the construction company, he being as flighty as most handymen. So basically it's hard to make any plans with any of this as it's a work in progress. I guess time will tell.

I watched my Antique Roadshow program last night. With the government currently in their financial belt-tightening mode aspects of PBS, along with colleges and other funding by the government are under scrutiny. KERA out of Dallas seems to have a telethon for funds about every two months anyway. Unfortunately I see them as a sinking ship, so I hope either they find a way to keep afloat, and yet still maintain their free from sponsorship control status. I've also noticed that Suddenlink out here has a buttload of promotional crap after midnight (because who in their right mind would be awake after midnight?), selling everything to weight loss to books on how to make millions to making snake oil. That's irritating as well. I know why Suddenlink does it: to make themselves more money, but it's a sham against their subscribers, who are paying for the cable and expect entertainment (or things that pass as that today) rather than watching a promo spot about a Shamwow or boner pills. If ever the media ever comes up with a better mousetrap and allows one to actually pick and choose what programs they wish to watch and pay for, I'm sure it will change the current state of the industry. It irritates me to pay for fifty channels and only have half of them watchable, and then half of those after midnight. Reminds me of a quip in one of the Simpsons episodes where Homer quips about television: "Remember when it was free?" Yep, those were the days.


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