Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I'm sitting here listening to David Diamond's Symphony No. 2 & 4 as I type this. He's a modern composer. I forget how I ran across him, but he's not one of the avant garde type composers like John Cage, Elliot Carver, Charles Ives, or any of the electronic composers. I can appreciate some of that style of music as well, but I'm in the mood for Diamond at the moment. His compositions were atonal in structure, but also lyrical, lush, and intense, owing something to the Romantics, and also anticipating the Americana heard in the music of Aaron Copland.At any rate, it's sunny here today, and I've told myself I'm going to get out in the sunshine and try and get a walk in. I'm going to have to hoof it if that's the case.

Over the weekend, I ran across the second season to Buffy the Vampire Slayer for a pretty good price. I became a fan of the show somewhat deep into the run. I wasn't a fan from the get-go. I came to it late, as I used to work a late night time slot, and didn't want to record everything, and didn't have time to watch it anyway after work, so just watched whatever came across the tube. I wondered if I would still be interested in the Buffy show after a few years had come and gone, so I streamed the first episode of the first season, and enjoyed it pretty well. So I picked that up along with the movies: Alien Nation, Woody Allen's Manhattan, and that latest J. J. Abram's Star Trek movie that came out a year or so ago. I found them all in a pawn shop, so was pretty happy with the find. They look to all be in good shape, once I got them home and cleaned them up a bit.

I went ahead and picked up the first Buffy season too on trade from swapadvd.com. So I'm set for some vampire kung-fu and slaying I guess.


Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there existed a film called Star Wars, and still has its die hard fans. They are still strong today as noted in the Wired magazine article. At any rate, a new fan movie has been made, and so far it has not been shut down by Lucas. It is about a twelve or so part Youtube right now, although from the article the guy who made it said he'd like to sell video copies. I'm thinking fat chance dude, but who knows? If Lucas had a smidgen of a sense of humor, heck, he ought to incorporate it into some version of his own SW DVDs, and then he can repackage them for the hundredth time, you know, in 3D blu-ray or whatever. Hey, why not milk it for a few more million?


Oh, while on the subject of Star Wars fandom there's also a fan film that's a parody called Pink Five. You can watch that here if so inclined. I've seen a little bit of it, and it's fun, but not quite as good as the above Star Wars documentary, but fits in well with Hardware Wars, Troops, Spaceballs, and such.


Over the weekend, we got a lot of snow here, which melted away, but we're supposed to get another one tonight. Oh well, we can use the moisture. I used that time cleaning house a bit, cooking, watching the Super Bowl, and I watched the Scifi movie Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb, who earns a tidy sum infiltrating the dreams of corporate titans to steal their most closely held secrets. It sort of reminded me of William Gibson's book, Neuromancer to a degree, although Inception deals with dreams, but both are sort of multi-layered and are about getting information. So being the SF fan that I am, I thought I'd enjoy the film, but wasn't that taken with it. The sets and such were nice as to be expected, but I guess I just wasn't into seeing something that complex in plot or just wasn't that drawn into the film. I couldn't help but wonder if you have an architecture student that helps build up the dreams, why include all the guys with machine guns and such? Perhaps I'll have to read up a bit about that on the web, I just found the movie a bit too much at the time, confusing, and it was late at night, which didn't help my concentration. Still a lot of the time I think I just prefer a good old space opera or a guy as a monster in a rubber suit to this sort of cerebral SF stuff.


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