Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Sitting here watching a bit of tube, trying to organize my thoughts (fat chance), and just mellowing out after drinking a bit of wine, that my brother gave me for Christmas. I ran by the store tonight after getting a haircut, and picked up a few things. I'm planning on making beef stew tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. Unfortunately our Albertsons store out here is closing down. I like Albertsons. That leaves us with Walmart and Brookshires. The Brookshires is closest to me, but I only use them for mostly necessity shopping as they are pretty darn high, price- wise. They started out in this area, so they are sort of regaled as some sort of founding fathers around here, but I'll be damn if they aren't quite a bit higher on most of their items. So I'll have to do most of my shopping I guess at Walmart. Tsk.

Sunday, I got caught up in loafing around the house too long. I went out for a walk, as we've had buckets of rain and cold, and once it cleared off I went a bit stir crazy, and went out for a walk. I thought I'd come home later and watch the Sunday night Masterpiece Theater on PBS, which is generally pretty good. The current one is called Downton Abbey, and has sort of a large cast and is about class struggles and so forth in England. It's pretty interesting. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/downtonabbey/index.html

After that or during, I got hungry and it had started to rain and get foggy again. So I thought man, a sandwich would be good about now. Thing is, my Swiss cheese had gotten all moldy, and really I needed more meat. So I thought I'll just go to Subway. I headed east and went over to the nearest Subway in the fog and rain, and I'll be damn if they weren't closed at 9pm. That's gotta be the earliest I've ever heard of a Subway closing. So I went west this time towards the loop, and bingo, they were closed too. I guess it comes from living in a small town, rolling up the sidewalks and all after 8pm. Only junkies, ne'er-do-wells or winos are out at that ungodly hour on a Sunday no less. Good company, I'll grant you, but I just wanted a sandwich. No luck, I headed for the Taco Bell. Hooray for them.

Anyway, here's some jazz podcast if you enjoy that sort of thing. I've downloaded the Halloween one, as it starts out with a Herbie Hancock song, and I'll have to check out the rest of it, and some of the other podcast they offer. They might be a neat thing to listen to while I walk. Tomorrow, I'll get up and try the beef stew, see how that goes.



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