Thursday, January 20, 2011


From listening to people talk at times, they tend to dislike critics, but at the same time, they feel like they can do their job just as well or better. Maybe it's some sort of jealousy thing, I'm jealous of their job too. Who wouldn't want to watch movies or listen to albums for a living and get paid for it? Yeah, give me that extra large Milk Duds, and the five gallon tub of popcorn, I'm on the clock. From my last posting, I've already mentioned how some people on Netflix think that can review films or music or whatever, but fall short of the mark. Below are a couple of critics that I tend to respect, not that I always agree with them all of the time. I don't know that one critic will agree with your own personal taste. For me personally, that doesn't bother me. I see criticism as being a way to examine things, filtering something through a different person's perspective. Maybe they'll see something that you don't see, perhaps they'll bring your attention to some detail of a director, or comment upon some other aspect of film making. That's why those year end Top Ten list of movies, albums, and so forth can be so varied. Plus it's a way to filter out some of the dreck, and there's an awful lot of that out there too. The thing is to find someone who has your opinion or taste in things.

I think my favorite critic is Roger Ebert. I first found him along with his friend Gene Siskel, when they had their review forum, At The Movies on PBS some years back. I used to love watching that sometimes just planning my Saturdays around the airing or at least taping it for later. Since Siskel's death, and Roger Ebert's health problems, they've tried to continue with the program to varied degrees of success. I'd still try and watch it, but it never matched the original Siskel/Ebert episodes. I think some of this is that even though some of the reviewer might be interested in film (and sometimes I wonder), but the chemistry just isn't there. Even so, I wish someone would revive something like this, as I just like watching a forum on the discussion of film.

At any rate, here's some reviewers that are also worth reading or noting:

Roger Ebert

David Edelstein

Manny Farber

Jonathan Rosenbaum


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