Sunday, January 16, 2011


First we got snow, but not like they did up north. Recently we've had three or so days of rain. It's all good, particularly if you don't care to go outdoors. Maybe this is why they have all these trees down here. Hum, could be. I watched the SF movie called Splice the other night. I found it entertaining. I don't care to read reviews of films much beforehand as a lot of people think to review a film, you tell all of the plot. I don't care to have all of the plot, that's why I watch the movie. I've always respected critics to some degree, Roger Ebert, for instance. People used to give him a lot of flack, I don't know if there's still animosity towards him or his reviews. Doesn't really matter to me. I tend to find things that work for me, and wear blinders for the naysayers. At any rate, I think most people think they can write good reviews and such, but after being on Netflix for a couple of years, I can tell you, it takes more skill than just writing two brief sentences like: It sucked, I wished I'm couda get back that 128 minutes. Another thing I might add, it's called a spell checker for a reason. Now I don't think all things should have to be spell checked or proofread, but out of two to three sentences, I don't think it's too hard.

At any rate, Splice wasn't groundbreaking. It was a pretty good SF film that offered up a speculative idea about gene splicing, creating life in the lab, and then having the experiment go awry. A lot of SF has done that before, but it was also well executed, I was entertained, so it was a good evening of entertainment. I read one review that stated it's a good movie, except for the huge plot hole. I'll have to investigate that criticism a bit further. After all it is a science fiction, one in which these two people create a new organism. So you have to suspend reality somewhat going into it. I think some people wanted more a monster/horror movie, which it had a bit of that, but it wasn't like Alien or Species. At any rate, if you enjoy SF, you might find it entertaining too. I've certainly seen a lot worse.

On Saturdays I've also started watching a BBC program called Doc Martin. It's a quirky series about a small town doctor, and the people that inhabit that city. Like most series some episodes are better than others. There's recurring characters, and a schoolteacher that he sort of fancies, but they've yet to get together. Doc is perceived as being a bit cranky, and a bit antisocial. But I think that's a bit of the shows charm. It's already into it's fourth season, so I've plenty to look forward too.

I've also been watching the HBO series called The Pacific. It's a war series that details several marines during the Pacific theater. Some are sent to Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Okinawa and so forth. One of the marines early on in the series wins the medal of honor and is sent back to the states and used for propaganda, recruitment, and given the red carpet. While other marines take decidedly different paths in the war. It too has been interesting, and certainly echoes some of the horrors of war, the bravery, and also just some of the perplexity.

I've also been in a Neil Young mood. I've been a fan of his for many years and have bought many of his albums. I think the first one I picked up by him was the After The Gold Rush album, followed quickly by his Heart of Gold album, due to the hit song on the radio (back then). Lately I've been listening to his American Stars and Bars album along with Comes A Time. Two well made and crafted albums. If you enjoy folk, country, or rock music with well written lyrics, you can hardly go wrong in picking up any of these albums.

Other than that, and just doing a bit of reading, I've stayed pretty mellow. That's not exactly something to jump and cheer about, but I take life as it comes.


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