Tuesday, January 04, 2011


2011, What some call a new year, I call a cake walk.

2010, came and went without much fanfare. I got moved around summer from west to east Texas pretty well. It's been an adjustment, but one I'm dealing well with, and enjoying. I guess as the Cheryl Crow song goes, a change will do you good. Over the Christmas holidays my brother came down, I cooked, and we just visited and watched some football and a few movies.

I thought it was a pretty weak year for film, but did enjoy a few of them like: Who Is Harry Nilsson (and why are they talkin' about him), Winter's Bone, The Pacific series which is made by the same folks that made Band of Brothers and is about WWII too, Terribly Happy, How To Train Your Dragon, and a few others, along with a few TV series like Dexter, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, the BBC Sherlock Holmes series, the BBC series Doc Martin, and The Walking Dead. Of course, PBS is my default mainstay channel, as I like stuff like Antique Roadshow, Independent Lens, This Old House, American Masters, and so forth. There are a lot of movies I haven't seen yet, but I know I'll enjoy like: True Grit, The Social Network, Toy Story 3, Inception, and so forth, but I don't go to theaters anymore with the advent of Netflix. Maybe that sounds anti-social, but the last time I actually went to a movie, which I believe was Avatar 3D (and that was an enjoyable enough experience), but sometimes I can't make that claim, what with cell phones going off, kids making racket, teenagers, talkers, etc. Yeah, I'm a grouch.

There was plenty of good music, and a few comics too which were great as always. I thought the new Eric Clapton album suited his age, yet still was a well made album of blues, and a variety of songs. Massive Attack's Heligoland took me by surprise, and I still really enjoy listening to it. It's sort of a trip-top, progressive layer album, so you have to listen to it many times so that some of the layers reveal itself. And I can pretty much get by listening to classical in the morning.

Comic-wise or book-wise, I didn't pick up much, but I did pick up some things, most of what I've already written about in the blog. But otherwise, I'm doing okay, now that I've gotten moved and mostly settled, etc. I've even gotten back on a walking routine, but I'm still not habitual about it.

Here's a cool little Rambo parody, titled Rambo 3.5. It's done by the same guys that did the critically spotlighted book, Afrodisaiac, which I haven't read, but looks like it might be a fun read.




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