Sunday, December 12, 2010


I got out Saturday and did some last minute Christmas shopping once I finally got my day going. Friday night I had watched Raiders of the Ark (one of my favorite films), and most of the sequel, Temple of Doom, but switched it over to They Live, as I hadn't seen all of it, and was curious about how it ended. It was a pretty decent watch too. So once I got out I was driving over to Walmart and Target as they have both stores just across the street from each other, which I find a bit odd, marketing ploy, but hey, when shopping it makes it easy. While I was on the way over, I ran past an estate sale sign, and decided to give it a go. I followed the signs, which was nice of the people holding the sales to have up, and I wound my way through Tyler neighborhoods until I found the place. I was a nice scenic neighborhood, so I didn't mind the detour, and since I don't know Tyler that well yet, it's nice to see undiscovered parts of it. I like estate sales though. I think it's more the chance of finding a bargain like a cheap book or DVD or whatever and less a voyeuristic thing, but it's a bit of that too. You get to see the inside of homes, and how they are laid out, etc. So it's an interesting and entertaining way to spend a bit of time, whether you find anything or not. Oh this quest I did find anything, but that's okay. I nearly bought a nice painting of flowers in pot. Generally I'm not to drawn to art of that nature, but it was a nice composition and had nice colors in it. There was also a comforter that matched my decor, but I passed on that too. Like I said though it was a nice diversion on my trip.

So I got back in my truck and headed east to my destination, The Mountains of Doom, I mean, Walmart on a Saturday, and I'll be dang is I didn't see another estate sale sign. So, I headed over to that one. I went over hill and dale and past Fangorn forest, and found the place. It wasn't as good as the other place, but they did have a lot of books, some DVDs, and such. With all that media, I still didn't find anything I couldn't live without. It was odd as most of the books there were of a religious nature, but also some that were sort of borderline books dealing with sort of cult things, demonology, or stuff of that nature. The same for some of the DVDs. There were your typical family DVDs, but also some odd horror DVDs, which just kind of struck me funny. Go figure.

At any rate, I finally got over to Walmart, and they were packed, but I got out of there in good shape. Between them and Target it was a success. I got back in and put up groceries, made me something to eat, and watched a bit of tube. I watched the above DVD, Secret Origins: The Story to DC Comics, which was pretty fun. It's a behind-the-scene documentary on National Periodicals, which later became DC (Detective comics), which are celebrating their 75th anniversary. There were a few surprises on it, and had many guest appearances on it too like Julie Schwartz, Neal Adams, Denny O'Neil, Len Wein, Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, and a lot of other writers, editors, artists, and so forth. It's worth a watch if you're a comic fan.


While on the subject of comics, here's link to a recent short radio interview with Neil Gaiman, who penned the DC comic Sandman, among others. He also was responsible for the DVDs, Stardust, the animated Caroline, and the BBC Neverwhere series, all worth checking out if you haven't seen them or read the books from where they came.


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