Saturday, December 25, 2010


Here are some old time Shadow radio shows, that either you can listen to online or download and listen to them over a media player of your choice or however you listen to your favorite podcast, etc.

I bought a Sansa media player from Best Buys not too long ago. I think it has around 4 gigs or some such. At any rate, you don't have to use iTunes or any of that with this player, but I imagine you can use that site if you want to--I just chose not too. It's not political or anything, and I might at some point take a look at it just for storage. I just haven't done so yet, as I just didn't want to learn something else new over the net that's going to take a learning curve. I just wanted to put some stuff on my new player to listen to. The Sansa works good for that. You can rip your own CDs or listen to Podcast, there's a radio in it too, so it fit my needs pretty well. I really just wanted something to take on the go, and also have something to listen to whenever I'm out walking getting a bit of exercise.

You can download things from other radio shows, and there's quite a bit of that out there, which really is great if you're into that type thing. I sent a recent radio podcast to some friends of a show off NPR called Think. The show's host, Krys Boyd, has an interesting mixed show with wide ranging topics. The topic that I sent to a few friends was one she'd featured recently about astronomy. She talked with David Baker, Chairman of the Physics Department at Austin College and co-author of "The 50 Most Extreme Places in Our Solar System" (Belknap Harvard, 2010). He'd just written a book on the subject and talked about many of the more unusual facets of our solar system. The podcast to that can be found here:

At any rate there are tons of things like that on the net you can download free of charge and listen to or download for later while you're out and about town or commuting in your automobile. Sure makes the time go by faster at times.

Aside from the Think program, I like listening to the iFanboy podcast on comics: There are other comic podcast of this type as well. I generally enjoy music or some topic that strikes my fancy. I just ran across a good little acoustic guitar podcast site for music called Minor 7th, check this out:

Or if you just want to look around for a genre that appeals to your own interest go over here:

There are also audio books and such you can download. Sometimes I like to listen to audio interviews with people, like authors, that I find interesting. I just ran across a pretty neat site for Sci-Fi fans. It has some SF stories and quite a few other things. I downloaded a short story from there by Connie Willis. She's a SF author that has written many stories and won many prestigious awards. I first ran across her when I was picking up Writer's Digest magazine. At the time, I was picking them up as Stephen King had a column in the back, but then notice where she was writing a column in them as well. I didn't know her or her writing at the time, but her columns were engaging to read. Somehow I mentioned her name to my sister though a conversation and to my surprise found out she lived near my sister in Colorado, up around Greeley. At any rate, if you like SF stories and such, check out this site:

At any rate, there's a ton of that stuff out there, it just takes a bit of time to find out where to find some of it, and what interest you the most. Happy surfing.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Jaunting around on the internet I ran across the photoshop of Spock and crew done in a steampunk style. Just by looking at these Star Trek photos I think, there's a story there somewhere... The site has other SF related things, so I thought I might post the site here, so you can go over there and bookmark it or just take a look around.


They've also got these Star Wars Christmas cards over there as well, exactly alike, no two are... Among some other things on their site like reviews, interviews, and such that are pretty cool too.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I got out Saturday and did some last minute Christmas shopping once I finally got my day going. Friday night I had watched Raiders of the Ark (one of my favorite films), and most of the sequel, Temple of Doom, but switched it over to They Live, as I hadn't seen all of it, and was curious about how it ended. It was a pretty decent watch too. So once I got out I was driving over to Walmart and Target as they have both stores just across the street from each other, which I find a bit odd, marketing ploy, but hey, when shopping it makes it easy. While I was on the way over, I ran past an estate sale sign, and decided to give it a go. I followed the signs, which was nice of the people holding the sales to have up, and I wound my way through Tyler neighborhoods until I found the place. I was a nice scenic neighborhood, so I didn't mind the detour, and since I don't know Tyler that well yet, it's nice to see undiscovered parts of it. I like estate sales though. I think it's more the chance of finding a bargain like a cheap book or DVD or whatever and less a voyeuristic thing, but it's a bit of that too. You get to see the inside of homes, and how they are laid out, etc. So it's an interesting and entertaining way to spend a bit of time, whether you find anything or not. Oh this quest I did find anything, but that's okay. I nearly bought a nice painting of flowers in pot. Generally I'm not to drawn to art of that nature, but it was a nice composition and had nice colors in it. There was also a comforter that matched my decor, but I passed on that too. Like I said though it was a nice diversion on my trip.

So I got back in my truck and headed east to my destination, The Mountains of Doom, I mean, Walmart on a Saturday, and I'll be dang is I didn't see another estate sale sign. So, I headed over to that one. I went over hill and dale and past Fangorn forest, and found the place. It wasn't as good as the other place, but they did have a lot of books, some DVDs, and such. With all that media, I still didn't find anything I couldn't live without. It was odd as most of the books there were of a religious nature, but also some that were sort of borderline books dealing with sort of cult things, demonology, or stuff of that nature. The same for some of the DVDs. There were your typical family DVDs, but also some odd horror DVDs, which just kind of struck me funny. Go figure.

At any rate, I finally got over to Walmart, and they were packed, but I got out of there in good shape. Between them and Target it was a success. I got back in and put up groceries, made me something to eat, and watched a bit of tube. I watched the above DVD, Secret Origins: The Story to DC Comics, which was pretty fun. It's a behind-the-scene documentary on National Periodicals, which later became DC (Detective comics), which are celebrating their 75th anniversary. There were a few surprises on it, and had many guest appearances on it too like Julie Schwartz, Neal Adams, Denny O'Neil, Len Wein, Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, and a lot of other writers, editors, artists, and so forth. It's worth a watch if you're a comic fan.


While on the subject of comics, here's link to a recent short radio interview with Neil Gaiman, who penned the DC comic Sandman, among others. He also was responsible for the DVDs, Stardust, the animated Caroline, and the BBC Neverwhere series, all worth checking out if you haven't seen them or read the books from where they came.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


There's an interesting five part video up over at on the creators of Superman, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. One of the things that is interesting about it is that it shows both creators later in life. Like a lot of famous comic book creators they didn't reap much of a reward for creating one of the most famous characters that is known around the world, but I'm sure just being famous for having done so, surely must have brought them some satisfaction. You can find that here:

Or just head over to, which is where I ran across it and you can watch all of the five part episodes there. If you enjoy the character, or watching creators from the old golden age of heroes, you'll enjoy it.

Saturday, December 04, 2010



If you enjoy these sketches of The Hulk and Daredevil respectively and would like to see more head over to:, and in their small search window at the top, do a search on Sketch Up, or just Sketch, and look for the Sketch Up threads, and click on them. There are some neat ones for sure, and yeah, I love 'em.

Sort of been battling with my allergies all week. I don't know if it's the dry weather, the fallen dry & dusty leaves, or the hot to cold temperature changes, but yeah, it's gotten them going haywire. I do the squeeze bottle, NeilMed Sinus Rinse thing and that does help soothe the problem, but doesn't vanquish it, and also go to bed after taking a Zyrtec, which also helps. But in the case with most allergy suffers, you sort of just have to live with the problem, and make do.

I've also been in a Battlestar Galactica phase, and I've been watching the original series, I don't care for the reboot. I think they were trying to make something akin to Babylon 5 with the reboot, but lost the original series charm and heroic flavor. At any rate, the reboot never caught my attention, and I hate that floating camera work too (or whatever that's called), and the dark gray, dim lit, drab interiors of the ship never helped it any either.

I also ordered the new Dr. Who series from Netflix, and watched the Season 5 opener last night. It always takes me a while to adjust to a new regeneration of Dr. Who, or the actor playing the character, and Matt Smith, the new Who is no exception. He seems really quirky to me right off, but so did some of the other ones. The first episode is called The Eleventh Hour and concerns the Doctor getting used to his new regeneration, food cravings, trying to solve a crack in the wall of a young girl's bedroom, which we learn is a crack in space/time, and from it has escaped Prisoner Zero. Fair enough plot. It just takes me time to adjust to a new Doctor (and I think the actor to find his right fit on the character of Dr. Who as well). I finally adjusted to the David Tennant era, and I should with Matt Smith as well, or we'll see. At any rate, I have a little criticism in that there's a bit too much zaniness, and quirks in the characters at times, and I would like to see a few episodes where it is a bit less over the top or more towards a serious tone (maybe like that new Sherlock (Holmes) series that aired. I guess it just seems that at times, the newer Dr. Who strives to seek out a broader market or perhaps appeals to a teen audience. There again, I'll give it time.

I've also been following The Walking Dead over on the AMC channel, and for the most part, have been enjoying it. I had a bit of the problem with the main character, Rick, for a bit as he just didn't look quite how he's drawn in the comics, as that character had straight hair, but I think I've adjusted to that. The TV series also doesn't follow the comic stories plot for plot as well either, but I sort of like that as it gives those of us that have kept up and read the comics something new to watch and look out for in the series. This Sunday is the end of the first season's arc of stories, which was really short. However, I've read where they are picking it up for a new season, so that's good to know, and something to look forward too. The down side is: they haven't even started making them yet, they've had to look for some new writers, and we probably won't even get to see new episodes until next Halloween, if we zombie fans are lucky. I guess that's a wait and see thing too.

I'm also right in the middle of the current Dexter series, Season 4. Dexter Morgan works for the Miami police crimes unit and trying to solve murders. The twist to the series is that Dexter is a serial killer, but when he was raised as a child, his father finds out his serial killer proclivities and channels him to only kill other murders. Yes, I know it's a bit contrived at times, but also very engrossing. With Season 4, Dexter has gotten married (which differs from the series of Dexter books). He's trying to deal with his new married life, a new baby son, keeping his old apartment, which bothers his new wife, lack of sleep, and solve murders. The new case involves another serial killer played by John Lithgow. Dexter gets curious though as this serial killer who he was about to dispose of, turns out to be a family man as well. His curiosity gets the better of him, and he wants to learn how another "family man" that is also a serial killer like himself maintain both lives. Talk about your anti-heroes, but I have to say, it works and entertains.

Aside from that, dealing with the allergies and the changes in the season, and doing a few chores around here, life's good.

Thursday, December 02, 2010


Dave: Hal, Dave's still not here...

(yeah, I know, I'm being silly)

Here's a link that explains 2001 (all those years ago).


I'm a pretty big Sci-Fi fan, and have been for as long as I can remember. I don't watch it exclusively as I like a lot of other genre as well, but it offers some sort of comfort zone for me like other pastimes do with other people. At any rate I've been on a Battlestar Galactica kick here lately. I've had two tapes worth of the first season of the show in my VHS tapes since they aired on the Sci-Fi (Syfy) Channel back in the early 90's. They are a lot of fun, and had I'd have watched them back then, I'm sure I would have been a big fan since I enjoyed the original Star Wars so much as well. At any rate what got me started was reading a blog on 70's SF over at this link:

That blog is run by a guy, Christopher Mills, he's a good writer, and written some comic books, and other stuff. If you enjoy this type genre, you ought to pay his site a visit or bookmark it, it's a fun site and worth revisiting.

I never cared for the revamped Battlestar. I tried many times to sit and watch it, but try as I did, could never get into it. Chris sort of hit the nail on the head as to why it never appealed to me, aside being so different from the original series. You can read his opinion here:

I thought he pretty much summed up my thoughts on the remake of BSG too.