Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween 2010 Rachael & Preston

"Who, who, who shall I see tonight?" said the little owl girl before she turned into her animal familiar. Each year at this time the spell that the gypsy woman put on her would follow her each Hallows Eve and be evoked. Her skin would grow feathers, her face formed a great beak, and she'd take flight into the trees, and watch from above as other children would scatter hither and yond collecting candy and gifts from all over the neighborhoods. Oh to have a normal life like everyone else at this time of year, she thought. Why did this have to happen to me? But as the clouds inked over the silvery moon, she felt the transformation begin to take place. And who, who, who, off she flew.

Halloween 2010 Rachael & Preston

"Aargh!" cried the pirate, "and shivers me timbers." "I's cares not for this holiday, nor do I care's for candy." "Why, gives me all the rum in Jamaica and the wenches of Tahiti, and I'll fare the well." That blasted witch has done this, he thought. She's the one that wove this enchantment, and cursed me, the captain that night and my men. Why, me and me mates weren't meaning no harm when we sailed upon her accursed island, just meaning to take in water and hunt some game, we was. How's we to know, she dint like strangers, and had a chest full of jewels and gold daubloon too boot? Aargh, she cursed us all and put a spell on us that turns us all into children on this cursed holiday, and we have to go trick or treating for candy. "Aargh, me hates candy." "Aargh!" he cried.

Actually, these are pictures of my nephew's two children as they set out for their Trick or Treating activities. I spun a little tale around the pictures. Happy Halloween!



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