Tuesday, November 02, 2010

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Well, it's election day and I need to get up and go out and vote. I should have done this last week, but I guess it slipped my mind. Some of the issues I'm a little torn on, meaning I could vote either way, so I guess that means which ever way it turns out is fine with me. There's a bond election here, which is over building a new school ( junior high, I think). Stuff of this nature sort of is off putting for me, in that I don't have children. Overall for the community and children at large, I can see that as a good thing, but the way they have the agenda on it is weird and not transparent, which frustrates me--and I hate that type thing. From what I can understand it will take more money to renovate the old school, or they can move it, and build a new one, and it will be quicker to do and more state of the art. My question though: Do we really need to do any of it? Is there a cheaper solution? These are the questions in my mind. Plus a new school and better schools will help the community grow, aids in learning, but it appears the new school is going to be built in a more affluent type neighborhood, which again is good, but leaves out those which might be more in need of funding. At any rate, I smell boondoggle...

The SF Giants won, and I guess that's well and good. I say the best wins. The games were fun to watch, though I didn't watch them glued to the tube or anything. I did watch the game on Saturday night, when the Ranger's barely eked out a win, in-between flipping back and forth over to the UT vs. Baylor football game, wherein the Baylor Bears won, and was an upset, but fun game.

Here's the movies I caught over the Halloween weekend. I watched my share of horror movies, which adds to the season, plus peppered them with some other genre:

The Ape--with Boris Karloff, pretty decent movie moreso than I would have ever thought. Every time I think about a gorilla in films I think of the Steve Martin line in The Man With Two Brains, where he's considering a brain transplant with his girlfriend's brain into a gorilla's body. In The Ape basically Karloff plays a mad scientist obsessed with obtaining spinal fluid to concoct a homemade cure for polio.

The Curse of the Demon--I didn't know what to expect with this one, but I was glad I watched it, and it was interesting on several levels. It's about a psychologist that doesn't believe that several deaths were caused by an ancient curse, and tries to find out the mystery behind them. It was more suspenseful, but had creepy atmosphere, and ended well too.

Curse of Frankenstein & Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed--both were Hammer films. TCM Channel was running four of these Frankenstein films back to back, and in-between fixing some supper to eat, and dozing off after my meal, I enjoyed watching them. Though I mostly remember the first and fourth one. Really a bit of Frankenstein overdose--don't try this at home kids ;)

Doc Martin--off PBS, about a rural English doctor up around the Cornwall area, and the small coastal town and the townspeople that inhabits that area. Typical English-type dramas, quirky characters, but it generally draws me in each time.

Mark of the Vampire--Bela Lugosi and others, this isn't on DVD, but like many others should be, and really had neat imagery, some twist and turns, pretty enjoyable film off TCM. Lugosi plays a spooky old vampire in a spooky old mansion. It has a twist ending.

Saw IV--I'd given up on Saw after Saw II, so I skipped Saw III, but this came on the Syfy channel so decided to watch it. It was pretty good, sort of a nonlinear storyline, but I missed some of what was going by not seeing Saw III as they build on each other, but still found it pretty enjoyable. I can see why this franchise has its followers. In this one, some of Jigsaw and Mrs. Jigsaw's past are revealed.

AMC's The Walking Dead--the start up up this series, pretty closely followed the graphic novels, but with a few changes, but overall off to a good zombie start.

Sherlock--PBS second episode, it was not as good as the first one was for me, but still a series I'll follow.


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