Saturday, November 20, 2010


So anyway, me, The Atomic Slob, and Dr. Sixpack, were headed over to Mickie D's to woof down a couple of hot Double Quarter Pounders, with an extra size fries, and a tall boy drink. Unlike most super heroes that work out in some specialized gym, like the ominous X-Men in their "Danger Room", we just figure, hey, we'll never be able to compete with them, and all those diabolical villains that they defeat. No, we prefer the road to least resistance for super heroics, yes, we're known as the Human Couch Potatoes. Meanwhile...

Saturday I woke up to another power outage. Where's a super hero when you need them? I was awakened when the answering machine started making noise about how to leave a message or something. I hate outages like that. You get up and it's cold, there's no light, no TV, you feel pretty helpless. I got up to see what was going on, and since this past week or so, we've had similar power failures, I figured it out what was going on, and climbed right back into bed to stay warm, hoping that it would fix itself pretty quickly. But at the same time, I worried over the fact that no one would call it in, so put on some clothes, and found the phone book to call Oncor. I sat down for a minute, and thought, what the heck, I'll go over to McDonalds and grab breakfast. I needed coffee, and there was nothing I could do around here.

McDonalds was really busy. The woman up at the counter was doing her best, but when she gave me my meal, she didn't give me any plastic ware to eat it with, no pepper or ketchup, or cream for my it was a bit trying for a little bit. While eating breakfast I found an interesting estate sale to go look at. It was off Broadway and I knew the location, so after I ate, I went by there. It was in a nice house and nice area as well, but I didn't get anything. So after I looked around at the sale, I walked around in the neighborhood for a bit. I was lucky though, when I got home, they had the power restored. I think I'm going to go outside in a bit and mow the yard, probably the last time for the year. It's a pretty balmy day outside, but if you sit around inside you need a sweater on. At any rate. I found a couple of interesting web sites. One has an interview with Joe Matt, the creator of the comic Peep Show.

Joe Matt Peepshow

You can find that here:

And then keeping with the comic theme, if you are interested at all in writing scripts you can find some here that you can download and take a look at.

I was interested in the ones pertaining to Warren Ellis, and there's some by Jason Aaron, who has worked for Marvel, and does a comic called Scalped, among others. You can also download the first issue of Scalped there as well on a PDF file. It's sort of crime comic. At any rate, lately, I've read a few comics. I started reading a couple stories out of my Essentials Fantastic Four Vol. 2 which contains issues 21-40. It starts out with a story about The Hate Monger, who is in NYC spreading his hateful, Klan-like philosophy. He sprays the Fantastic Four with a hate ray and they start bickering among themselves--more than they normally do. I like the solid Jack Kirby art, and Stan Lee plotting. I agree with what they were saying on the site about the early Fantastic Four books, in that, the early FF included a lot of the cannon of the Marvel Universe. You get to see the Skrulls, Doctor Doom, Namor, Nick Fury, Silver Surfer, and many other characters made an early appearance there.

Also reading the second book to Jeff Smith's Bone. It's sort of an all ages book with some Walt Kelly, Pogo-like characters in it. The stories are rather fantasy driven, so if you like fantasy you might want to check that out.

I saw a pretty interesting movie about the rock star Harry Nilsson this week, titled Who Is Harry Nilsson? He was pretty esoteric, and not widely known back in the late 60's and 70's, so it was an interesting watch. He became pretty famous when they used a song of his for the film Midnight Cowboy, and he also sang the lead song, Everybody's Talking from the same film. Midnight Cowboy has a special meaning to me in that the beginning to the film were shot in Big Spring, Tx., where I lived while growing up in my last two years of high school. I enjoyed seeing the Dustin Hoffman film, The Graduate, it was a very pop oriented and "now & happening" film, and made a pretty big hit critically during that year. So when I heard that they were planning on shooting some of Midnight Cowboy in Big Spring, AND looking for extras for the film, I had to go down to the Ramada Hotel and check it out. The guy that was conducting the screenings and interviews I remember looking like a movie star himself. He asked me a few general questions (which I don't remember), and I stumbled over an answer, and mumbled some dumb reply. But in the end, I didn't get the part, because I think what they were needing was some extras that looked like "rural" people that they used at the beginning of the film. Had I known that beforehand, I would have dressed down and ugly, maybe worn some overalls--such is hindsight. And such is my brush with greatness :)

At any rate, the film Who Is Harry Nilsson is pretty interesting. I wish they had commented a bit on how he learned to play guitar and piano, but I have to say, it's amazing how some artist just happen to hit it big, and everything falls into place for them--not to discount his talent.

Well, heck, I guess I better get up and do a few things around here.


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