Thursday, November 11, 2010


Happy Veterans Day to all our veterans, and thank you for your service. Below is a picture of my Dad while he served in WWII over in Europe somewhere. I don't think he ever told me where this picture was taken. He served campaigns in Africa, Sicily, and Italy. He didn't mind talking about the war, which he would share time to time. Some of his stories shed some aspects of the war in a different light. I won't go into them here. Most veterans will talk about them if you start talking to them. Recently over the net I met a navy guy that was in WWII as well. He lives out in California. He sent me an email that said, thank you for the well wishes, and added:

To all.. As a W.W.2 VET United States Navy.. Thanks for the Veteran,s day messages.. But !!! If you really want to thank a Veteran... Go to a National Cemetery,and thank the ones there !! I gave service.. They gave the greatest gift of all.. They gave all their tomorrows.. For your today !!! PEACE !!! Chuck B.



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