Friday, October 22, 2010


A couple of things I'm looking forward to this month are the new Sherlock Holmes TV series, which will air this Sunday on PBS showcase Masterpiece Mystery. From what I've seen from the commercials and from listening to a review about the three episodes, it's a re-imagining where Holmes and Watson will be set in modern England along with cell phones, blogging, and all the other lifestyles of modern England. I'm usually against such twist in adapting literary characters in such a way, but hey, it's already gotten a bit of good press, and I am a Sherlock Holmes fan, so I'm all set to watch it and see what I think. I wasn't such a fan of the re-imagined Robert Downey Jr. movie, to me it was like a 007 Sherlock. A little whiz, but little bang. It had a lot of action, gadgets, but for whatever reason, it just didn't hit the mark for me.

“Sherlock,” created by “Doctor Who” producer Steven Moffat and actor/writer Mark Gatiss, exists in a world much like our own where a killer can taunt Holmes (here played by Benedict Cumberbatch) by asking if he wants to phone a friend. The first episode is called A Study in Pink. Adapting the first Holmes mystery, A Study in Scarlet and it’s told from the point of view of Watson. At any rate, if you are a Sherlock Holmes fan to you'll want to tune in.


The Walking Dead, which is taken from the Image comic book is about zombies and the first part of the series airs on Halloween night (Sunday) on AMC. Robert Kirkman, the writer of the comic, created a pretty harrowing series, which is still ongoing and somewhere around issue #78. I haven't been able to keep up with the monthly issues, and was collecting them in book form. But I can say that his zombies and the overall scenario is faithful to the George Romero zombie films, which I can appreciate--slow lumbering zombies, yay. You'd have thought that this genre has been totally been mined of any life (pun intended), but not so the way Kirkman wrote the comics. It was a huge hit with fans. One of the things that was so fascinating about the comic is that no character was safe, anyone could die, and the zombies weren't the only threat either. Sometimes the people that you might encounter in this post apocalypse world were just as bad. The comics were real page turners, and I suspect the TV series will be the same.


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