Wednesday, September 01, 2010

go ape!

Just a quick posting today. If you are a child of the 60's/70's era and enjoy that type of SF, you might also enjoy Christopher Mills' blog. He has several, but it seems his Space 1970 and DVD Lateshow are his most popular. You can find the link here: His writing, enthusiasm, and insights are spot on and he has a knowledge of that type thing beyond most fans. He would have fit right in with the little Dr. Who club I used to go to many years back. I enjoy reading his blogs, you might too.

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I ran by Big Lots and found a copy of the Ray Harryhausen film, The 7th Voyage of Sinbad for $3.00, a great price if you enjoy these films. My favorite movie by him is probably Mysterious Island as I remember seeing it at the cinema back when I was younger. He's the type of creator that I enjoy watching over and over so I've started buying movies of his whenever I run across them at a good price.

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Also since I was out I went by Hastings again, as they've had some pretty good deals on movies that they are cutting out of their movie rental system. I started to pick up a Yes concert DVD (which I may still do, I'm mulling it over still), but found a copy of Ray Harryhausen's 2-disc set of 20 Million Miles to Earth, so snagged it as well. I'm on a Harryhausen roll...

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And last, but not least, I found a copy of the George Pal movie, The Time Machine, which I watched last night. For me it's far superior to the remake with Guy Pearce, although I like Pearce as an actor, the remake of The Time Machine just fell way short. The DVD comes with a few special features on how the Time Machine prop got bought in an auction for $10,000. then lost in time (so to speak, excuse the pun), and then resurfaced in some second hand store years later, and re-bought by Bob Burns and remodeled. There's also a neat extra where the stars of The Time Machine, Rod Taylor and Alan Young, after something like twenty five years later (in real life), reprise their respective roles in the film, and have a little fun acting in a newly written story arc for the film.



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