Saturday, July 31, 2010


Looks good to me right about now. Anything chilly and cool to escape this sudden Texas heat wave sounds good right now. I just got back from the landfill. I had loaded up my pickup with some accumulated junk as the city of Tyler had their free landfill day. They allowed free of charge a pickup load full of junk. So this past week, among other chores, I've rounded up a few things to take over there. It does make you feel better to get rid of a few things. Speaking of which. I've also been checking out these new sites that are basically like a used, recycle store, similar in vein to Recycle Books (if you've ever been to those stores). At any rate they have three different sites:,, &

They are interconnected too, but you don't have to join all three. I'm presently using their DVD and CD sites and will probably join the book club at some point. The initial startup is a bit of a hurdle, as you have to learn a bit about the sites, but once you get the learning curve of that, it's pretty easy. On all three you have to post ten (and this is a bit of a challenge too, but you don't have to post ten right away, it can be done over time) books, cds, or dvds. Once you do that you get one free credit to use, and then you wait. If anyone wants anything you've posted, the site will notify you and you have to send your used media to them, and then you get one free credit to choose what you want from someone else. There's a video you can watch over on the book site, which pretty much explains it in easy terms. Plus say, if you join any of the trade sites, you can exchange credits from either one, so if I need a credit in the DVD site, for example, I can exchange credit from my CD or book site over to the DVD site. So that's a good & helpful idea too.

I've already posted many CDs & DVDs, and gotten a few things I've wanted as well like the Flyboys and The Mist DVDs. So anyway, if you think you might have some stuff you'd like to trade, I'd recommend looking at those sites. And if you do indeed join, use me as a reference--I'll get a freebie credit. I thank you in advance :)


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