Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I thought I'd share a freebie that John Morrow, publisher of TwoMorrow Publications sent me in an email. You can download digital copies of several of the magazines that they publish to read on your computer (with Adobe) or your iPad (if you are lucky to own one of those). At any rate there are eleven different magazines that you can download: Alter Ego is Roy Thomas's fanzine publication, which I've read before and they are very informative, The Jack Kirby Collector, has art and inside info on the King of the Silver Age. Then there's Draw magazine about the art that goes into comics, and several other. You might like to try them, and if you like them want to order some magazines from them.

Downloading them is pretty easy. It's about a three/four step process. You just add what you want to download to your basket, go to checkout, you don't enter any credit cards or anything, just keep going to payment info, and confirm your order. Once you do that, scroll down, and you'll see a link to click to download the mag you want.

You can go to the site here:
On the left side of the site under Categories, you'll see: Free stuff!
Click on that, and just see what you might like to read. Pretty easy.

Rather busy today, with little odds and ends chores. I came home and watched a few things on PBS, one of which was called Breakfast Special. It talked about special places to eat breakfast. All of the places mentioned looked like a gastronomical delight. They also mentioned a gal's site out of the San Francisco area called Foodhoe's Foraging. I thought the title was kinda funny, so went to the site, and looks pretty informative, check it out:

I've also been watching Ken Burns's Baseball series, that they've been repeating on PBS here. I'm not a huge sports nut, but this series is really interesting, and I could see watching it again sometime.

Finally, I saw on the news tonight, that someone (or a group) has invented a flying car, and it gets 30 mpg. How cool is that? I guess Bladerunner won't be that far away after all :) Here's a link to check that out if interested:


At 6:15 PM, Blogger Tom Floyd said...

Thanks for reposting that link. I got that email about he free books but somehow lost it. Put you can't beat that price for sure. I got the kirby collector and writing one. cool.
Man, I love those old pics of kids reading comics, I wish someone would do a nice book of just pics of kids from the good old days reading comics. I would buy it for sure, something about those pics is so cool.

At 10:55 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

Yep, I agree about the kids reading comics--takes me back to my childhood for sure. I downloaded some of the freebie books from ToMorrow press as well, but for some reason, the Kirby one didn't take. I didn't know if it was the way I did it, or a glitch or whatever. Since you got a copy I'll try it again. Thanks.


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