Saturday, June 19, 2010

More like: Attack of the bugs

So here it is June 19th and I've more or less successfully moved approximately 450 miles to the other side of Texas. I was living in Odessa and moved to Tyler. I was born in Bryan, Tx, but really grew up as a kid until around age fifteen in Longview, which is only about 17 or so miles from Tyler, give or take. It has been a struggle to some degree, but not as bad as it could have been either. This past week I had to deal with a check bouncing due to Citibank's misunderstanding my request to keep around $400. bucks in my account for outstanding bills. Of course, they closed down the account completely so that whatever bills came in bounced like a superball filled with flubber. And I didn't double check them, so that's my bad.

So I had to straighten that out. Then I dealt with AT&T, and Gexa an electrical provider, which also dropped the ball or had misinformed, inept sales people. I asked my brother and sister, how many times do you have to double check stuff these days before you feel confident that you'll be getting what you asked for? They didn't have the answer either... Sometimes I think I long for the good old days, but as one guy at work told me: The good old days weren't all that good. :) I believe him too, it would be hell living in this area of the country without air conditioning. It seems a lot hotter down here with all the humidity, than West Texas for sure.

So anyway, I've got my stuff down here, but a lot of it is still in boxes and packed up. I unloaded some of the stuff I needed right away, and then would stop and take care of some other business as it came up. So it's a start, stop operation, but that's okay I guess. I still have loose ends to deal with and the rest of the unpacking can happen over time.

The bugs down here are more plentiful too. Hence the attack of the giant leeches poster. I drop spread some bug killer the other day, and have put some plastic door moldings down along the bottom of the door to try and keep out some of the creepy crawlies. It seems to be working, cross fingers. I had to do something, I had bugs and worms and fuzzy who knows what crawling under the door. I do need to spray inside the garage next though and around doors and such next. As my father used to say: It's always something...

But I'm down here, and for the most part, enjoying it and glad the move is behind me. I've been listening to a CD a friend made me, it's Radiohead's Kid A album. Which as I drifted off to sleep the other night, I thought, really this album is a masterpiece of modern rock. I still think so. It's a multi-layered electronic, subtle album, which I tend to prefer. I get my cable turned on tomorrow, and that will be welcomed, as you can't pick up much without it. Though I have seen a couple of movies off the This network channel, which I thought were interesting: Flyboys, Chato's Land, and a few others. Plus I got my Netflix subscription started up again, and saw The Road, which I really enjoyed being a SF fan, and Channel Z: Magnificent Obsession a documentary about one of the first pay TV channels that came out of LA. So for now, life is good.