Sunday, April 04, 2010


I read the book Parker: The Hunter last year when it came out. A friend of mine, Dave C., loaned it to me. He was really into crime novels, movies, and comics so it's a natural he'd be drawn to something like this. He had an overall interest in graphic art, comics, film posters, and all manner of the arts. He's now deceased, but a swell guy nonetheless. At any rate, I'd loan him some stuff and he'd return the favor, or I'd burn him a CD or buy an extra copy of a book and give it to him and vice versa, and though we'd already established a friendship and had similar interest; this helped the bond as well. At any rate, it's a good graphic novel with art by Darwyn Cooke, and was taken from the novel written by Donald E. Westlake who goes by the pen name of Richard Stark as well. It's a pretty quick read, and the art work is a graphic knock out. The story is about a guy that gets hired to do a heist, and then gets double-crossed in the process. From there it becomes a revenge novel, and I have to say after it was over I really wanted to try and find the real novel to see how it compares. Sadly I haven't found a cheap copy of the novel yet, as I've been too busy. At any rate, I notice that TCM last night was showing Point Blank, the 60's movie made from the same novel starring Lee Marvin.

movie poster

The movie that was directed by John Boorman and had many notable stars. It was a very strange experience. I'm guessing the time frame of the 60's had something to do with it as it had a rather strange, psychedelic, sort of vanguard way that it was presented. A lot of the plot was non-linear and hard to follow, and it differed from the graphic novel too in some of the plot, so even though I enjoyed the film and performances, I was still left with the feeling at some point in time I should search out the book. So the next time I'm browsing around in a used book store, I'll try to remember to search for it. From what I've read on the web, Point Blank has been already remade too. The newer movie stars Mel Gibson and is called Payback (1999).



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