Tuesday, April 06, 2010

oscar wilde

Hey Oscar Wilde!

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It's Clobberin' Time!!!

Sometimes I like just surfing around the web just to see what's out there. The web is contagious fun, addicting, and a marvel. I can see or would like to think five years down the road, we'd all have our little iPads or knockoff iPad-looking devices sort of like on Star Trek. And on them would be our favorite books, comics, movies, emails and manuscripts, and they would come with an earphone jack to receive phone calls or listen quietly to a movie and so forth. A camera lens would be cool too so you could see who you are talking to--I'm just sayin' Steve Jobs... It would be a self-contained media center. The idea is so cool. But back to cool web sites, I thought I'd post this one which is simple enough in concept: Who is your favorite figure/author/character? This question is posed mostly to comic/graphic artist, and they draw their favorite figure/author/character, etc. Like everyone else I have all sorts of heroes, which you can read on my blog profile. They range from anyone like: Frank Zappa, Paul Atreides, Jack Kirby, Spock, Charles Bukowski, and on and on. At any rate, who are yours? Here's the web site to check out: http://heyoscarwilde.com/



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