Friday, March 12, 2010

So yesterday I had a storage building cut up and hauled off, and today I'm getting a new roof. They're already up there scrapping around and making noise. I just hope the day goes by without a hitch, and I'll be happy.

The Tube: I think my favorite nights for TV have become Mondays and Thursdays. I love Mondays because I can watch Antique Roadshow, and continue on through the History Channel's Pickers, which is about these two guys up in the northeast that go around places like Iowa to farms and such looking for antique things to fix up and resale. And then, from there I'll watch Pawn Stars about the goings-on inside a Las Vegas pawn shop that's family owned and run. I guess there's a thread or common bond with all three of these shows for me, in that it deals with used stuff, collecting, hoarding, and pack ratting, of which, I can certainly relate. I think my idea of being rich would be that I could own a warehouse so you could accumulate all sort of crap. George Carlin made a comment in one of his routines where he describes a house where people store all their stuff. When it fills up, you have to move into a bigger place so store all your stuff. I can relate, George... Seems stupid to write it down, but I've got that collection gene. John Waters, the film director, once said in an interview his idea of rich, was to be so wealthy he could walk into a books store and buy any hardcover book right off the self (I think he achieved his wish). So how do you perceive rich? I guess we all have our indulgences.

At any rate, I come from parents that were antique dealers on a very small scale, but at least it allowed them to travel around a bit in Texas, and go to a few estate sales or an auction here and there, and pick up some stuff, and the things they didn't like, they'd resale in their shop. They did it small scale, but I think it drew them closer together sharing a hobby they both enjoyed. My dad was more a lamp guy, and being an engineer could rewire them and made some interesting lamps functional again. I could kick myself for not learning more about electricity and such from him while he was still alive. Mother enjoyed stuff that just was pretty like glassware, or she also seemed drawn to pottery or stuff that had figures in them. Mostly she just had an eye for things that pleased her whatever it was: glassware, woven textiles, lamps, furniture, etc. So I picked up the bug from them. Once gotten it's rather hard to shake.

I enjoy going to flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, conventions, and so forth for no other reason than just to look. I love getting a bargain too. Growing up I started on accumulating a taste and collection of records (vinyl). The first long player, 33 1/3 records I got were for Christmas back in 1965. I know this as one of them was the Beatle's new album, Beatle's '65, and the other one was Roger Miller's second album (if memory serves). It had the novelty song on it, You Can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd. So I was hook from then on, and went to a lot of garage sales, etc. looking for vinyl. That spread over into movies, VHS, and now DVD, and also books, comics, and whatever else just struck my eye. Now that I'm moving, those items seem a bit more a nuisance, but I suppose it's a part of me, and I wouldn't have it any other way.



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