Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mike test, mike test 1, 2, 3... . Having goofed around with being an amateur musician (guitarist, synth-keyboards), that's sort of the first thing that comes to my mind before beginning this. I'm one of those people that's pretty good beginning something, it's the endings that are hard to do. Because life is a process or journey anyway, right? Hum, but I guess life also have an ending. At any rate, who knows where it will take me or if it will stick or float or any other euphemism. So I'm up early today, which is not my normal schedule. I'm in the process of moving, odd experience for me. I'm planning to move from west to east Texas--head's up Tyler--an escaped wild man has been seen in your area :) It's weird though to go through all you stuff, and get rid of all this stuff that you've hoarded over time and throw out some (which is hard for a amateur hoarder, collector, pack rat). It revives memories, times, places, and such. The real estate agent told me I'm unusual in that statistics saying most folks move every five to seven years, sometimes sooner. I told him, "How can they stand it?" Not me, man, I like growing roots somewhere, and I consider myself lucky for being able to do so. Granted I've moved a bit in my life, but I generally hate it. So here I go again with filling up cardboard boxes. Trying to get my house market ready, and all that fun stuff that goes with a move. It's a bit scary, foreboding, and anxious, but I know at the end, it will be somehow be better, I hope.

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