Thursday, March 18, 2010

Like a lot of kids from my generation, we grew up on a diet of a couple of television shows like Tarzan, serials like Flash Gordon, Three Stooges, cartoons of all sorts and comic books. Now there wasn't much TV to choose from back then, so that either left reading a little bit and going outside to play with the neighborhood kids.

I had a friend ask me recently to post some of the sites I go to frequently that deal with comics. There's tons of them, but I have a few main sites that I go to, and sometimes I'll find a link from those sites, which leads me to newer sites.

Also if you click on my logo-icon (that of the alien) you'll see my home page, and there will be a few sites I go to often there as well.

Some of the main sites I like though are:
you can also see their archive shows at:

I like the way they put their show together, and if you want to know more about current or past good comics it's a fun place to start.

Some other ones are: (a friend's online comic site) has some news and online comics you can read news about comics, movies, and related fandom site is about drawing and cartooning in general site and fandom, spy stuff, SF, and fandom manner of comic stuff is like an encyclopedia of comic artist with a few samples of their art work and small biography information.

Like I've said this is a sample of a few sites I like, and then they offer other links as well, but it should get anyone started that's interested in comics and related topics. I plan on writing a few other things on the topic of comics so as time allows I'll post those.

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