Saturday, March 27, 2010

Last night TCM had a Ray Harryhausen special on because as you might already know they are remaking the film, Clash of the Titans. It will be in 3-D and remade with newer CGI technology. So I watched this film again along with Jason and the Argonauts, which it seems I never tire of--I guess a classic is a classic. I don't have many of the Harryhausen films on DVD, except for Mysterious Island, but at some point in time, even though I've seen them so many times already I'll probably pick more of them up on DVD. Clash of the Titans like all of Ray Harryhausen films is very entertaining, and some might think it's not as good as some of his other ones. But last night as I watched it I thought to myself, it's every bit as good. What I found fascinating was how he envisioned doing the scenes of the Greek gods, which is a bit abstract if one were to think of how to do that on film, and how to work that into the storyline. There are many memorable scenes: the capture of the winged horse, Pegasus, the blind witches in the cave that like to eat human flesh, the killing of the Hydra slithering around in her lyre is a really exciting scene, and finally the killing of the Cracken. I guess I should give a spoiler's alert, but I thought the final scene when the Cracken comes out of the sea, and then when he views the Medusa head, turns to stone and indeed you can see it cracken to pieces was thrilling. (Sorry for that lousy pun--Zeus told it to me.)

At any rate, Robert Osborn, the host last night on TCM stated that Harryhausen was 90 years old. I'm sure he's proud of the work he's made. I was surprised that this film came out in 1981, after Star Wars: A New Hope. I imagine Harreyhausen influenced such film directs as George Lucas, Spielberg, et al. and viewing Clash of the Titans, the comedic relief of the robotic owl seemed a tribute to R2D2 in the Star Wars movies. I've never read that anywhere mere speculation on my part, but struck me eerily strange.

As a bonus aside: I ran across this fandom magazine you can download off the web, called Publish Something. It's already on the fourth issue. I haven't had a chance to read it myself, but if you're interested in that sort of thing, you might want to give it a look too. The current issue #4 has an interview with writer extraordinaire, Martin Powell. Give it a look if interested, here a link:



At 5:45 AM, Blogger wrightdp said...

I heard a comment on the new Clash of the Titans movie. With the success of Avatar, the makers of the new C of T, added effects to make their movie 3-D even though it wasn't shot in 3-D. So no telling what that movie will be like. While the creator of Avatar criticized the makers of C of T for this, he himself is busy making his Titanic movie 3-D as well using the same effects.

At 7:55 AM, Blogger El Vox said...

Yep, I really see 3-D as a trend, sort of like the advent of the technology of the Pixar films. Having said that, I saw an ad on TV about the new 3-D TVs (or something about them on a trailer off a DVD or something). I don't see a lot of people buying into it really, except the high profile techno geek (at least I know I won't), but who knows? I think it should be used sparingly for films that warrant special treatment, but if it will increase box office sales, go for it, I guess.


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