Sunday, March 21, 2010

I watched a couple of movies this past weekend as it was such bad weather on Saturday that that's about all I felt like doing. We didn't get any snow on the first day of spring as they were predicting, but the winds blew so much and it was cold, so it was pretty much stay inside weather. I did a few of my chores later that night like laundry and channel surfed until I hit Turner Classic Movies and Lawrence of Arabia was show. I'd recorded it some time back onto VHS, but never got around to watching it, and as my VHS recorder is working so funky, and eating tapes and all, watching it off the air seemed a good idea. Sure enough it captured my interest pretty quickly. The story is about a British army lieutenant, T. E. Lawrence, that enlist the desert Arab tribes on the British side during WWI to fight against the Turks. At first it seems that Lawrence is reluctant to take on the role of a leader other than out of curiosity, but once thrust into the role gets a bit more instrumental, charismatic, and even lets his ego get the better of him. Near the end of the film, however, he's willing to give up his role, and just wants to go back to a simpler life. All in all great cinematography and story that is one part biography and another part adventure story that kept me entertained.

Sunday morning I got up and put in Michael Moore's latest movie call Capitalism: A Love Story. It was enjoyable on some level too. But what I've started to notice, which is a bit irritating about Moore's films has less about content (because I salute Michael for being the gadfly and whistle blower, etc. that he is), but I'd like to hear more about solutions that might exist to help solve some of these problems. I do follow politics to some degree and vote, and was even represented by a union throughout most of my working career, so I can indentify with the working, blue-collar class. But try as I might, it still seems like I'm not represented as well as I'd like to be by Democrats, and even less so by Republicans. The same people in the film that caused a lot of the current financial mess worked for both Clinton, Bush, and I'm sure they're still floating around in the Obama administration or went on to be a CEO somewhere or some adviser. So how does the working class that is raising children, working, and trying to have some sort of normal life deal with politics, corruption, and all that? I don't know really, but at least I'll hand it to Moore for at least shedding a bit of the spotlight on some of these issues.



At 6:57 AM, Blogger wrightdp said...


I agree with you on Moore's films. They get one all worked up and then leave you hanging. Granted there are and never has been any easy answers. The only answer I can see is to vote with your dollar. That's the only thing corporations listen to.

At 6:43 PM, Blogger El Vox said...

Amen brother $$$$$ cha-ching, show me the money. Sad, but not everything about capitalism shines like gold, some of it is a bit tarnished. That why I find it so weird when the Tea Baggers and Palin follower state: Wahhh, we heading towards socialism... blah blah.


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