Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I usually hit Big Lots ever so often as I discovered some time back that they sell cutout or remainder DVDs from other stores. Most are around $3., but I've notice that this year they've gone up on some of their DVDs and some are around $5., but still that isn't bad for a new, unplayed DVD.

At any rate I was poking around in Big Lots the other day, and found the DVD I Married A Monster From Outer Space. In some ways it's a classic, not on the level of say, This Island Earth or a few others. It's probably a cut below that, but for me holds special status as it's the first SF film that I went to the theater and saw when I was a kid. It was showing on a double bill with the original Blob starring Steve McQueen. I remember walking into the theater not quite knowing what to expect, but there was a large lobby card right in the entrance showing the Blob engulfing a diner, and also under that was some art from I Married A Monster From Outer Space. Both features were very much 50's SF featuring malevolent aliens
intent on invading earth and in I Married A Monster (which was the first feature) wanted to disguise themselves as earth men and marry the women to revive their race. No matter that we were both a different species, the horrors that they could disguise themselves as us, and the shocking way that they were presented scared the living daylights out of me.

Earth did win in the end, and that too freaked me out, as a group of earth men found out where their space ship had landed, and would pull wires from the captured men as they hung in midair like cadavers, and when that happened the aliens would fall over dead, and goo would flow out of them in a sickening fashion. Now if that didn't make you want to puke in your popcorn as a little kid or wet your pants, the next feature, The Blob, would. Something about an jello-like blob creature as a kid that really freaked me out. And even though I had nightmares for a week or more, I still remain a bona fide SF fan.


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