Monday, March 15, 2010

I met up with some friends over in Midland on Sunday. Midland is like the sister city to Odessa, and about a fifteen mile drive east of here. We used to have a Dr. Who club out here called West Texas Time Lords and a Star Trek club too. Both groups were thriving about fifteen or so years ago. But due to the economy it spit up the clubs, and many of the people in them had to move on for their jobs. One friend, Mike and his family that worked for Texas Instruments moved to another part of Texas when they closed the big plant here, one worked for Chevron and had to move (along with his wife) back to Houston, another friend moved also to Houston that had worked for Huntsman for many years, when that plant eventually closed, and so on and so forth. One moved back to Phoenix, AZ. that also worked for TI. So really after everyone had moved it only left two of us--not much of a club. Such is life I guess, but when I can meet up with any of them it's a ball still as we can discuss all manner of Science Fiction. I feel as though I'm not only amongst friends, but share some common bond. I guess that's what friendship is all about or at least a part of it.

So I guess my favorite actor playing Dr. Who is Tom Baker. He's a pretty popular doctor with Whovians. I first started watching Dr. Who again off the Sci-Fi Channel back in 90's. It had also run earlier here back in the 80's on PBS when we used to get KERA out of Dallas over cable, and although I really didn't know much about what I was watching, I knew it was some sort of British SF. When it was showing on PBS it was before the advent of the personal PCs and so forth, and although they'd announce the program as Dr. Who, I had no idea who he was or any of the fandom around it. Gradually though I did meet a friend, Allon--the one from Phoenix, and he also enjoyed comics, Pink Floyd, Yes, and some other bands I was into, and he turned me onto the club around here, and the rest is history.

It was a fun time, as we'd meet over in Midland on Saturdays, eat pizza at a mutual place, talk about all manner of SF, and then after when everyone was ready we'd meet over at a friends apartment complex to watch an episode of Dr. Who or part of one, and save the next half for the next weekend. It was a loose group so if you couldn't make it that was okay, but darn if it wasn't so infectious that you'd want to go the next weekend. Through that group, I found about all manner other SF. There were programs and movies that I discovered I'd never heard of before like: Blake's 7, UFO, Space 1999, The Prisoner, V for Vendetta, Gene Roddenberry made for TV movies, Red Dwarf, and well too many things to list. Granted you can follow fandom over the internet, but the personal interaction is missing. I'm also interested in books, movies, comics, music and some other things. It's fun and keeps me busy. It's also fun to reflex upon the past at times. Be seeing ya.


At 11:48 AM, Blogger Tom Floyd said...

Hey welcome to the bloggy world of the internet!
Hell I didn't know Odessa had groups like that. Guess I just worked too much. Ha. Of course I have been gone from there for alot of years now.

At 1:25 PM, Blogger El Vox said...

Tom, yeah, I don't know how regular I'll be posting, but I figure surely I can crank out something ever so often. Check back from time to time.


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